Friday, September 23, 2011

Vrindavan Das and his creative contemplation of Krishna's pastimes.

     This video above is an exhibit of art displaying the sweet pastimes of Radha and Krishna in Vraja. These pastimes are the quintessence of divine joy, the foremost object of contemplation for anyone longing to attaining the treasure of prema, and a source of delight for all.

      Vrindavan Das, the artist, lives in Vraja, the most sacred among all holy places of India. Based in Vraja since several years, he is dedicated to expressing the divine vision of these pastimes through the medium of his exquisite paintings.

     After finishing the art college the artist was in the process of creative research. Finally in 1996 Vrindavan Das received an invitation to take part in the international project of painting a Vedic temple in Delhi. Vrindavan Das got absorbed in studies of ancient Indian scriptures.

     "I turned to the wisdom of the Vedas to get knowledge. Creative process allowed me to observe the nature of the surrounding world and the divine source of that invisible power which is in control of everything. 
And that observation gave a deeper understanding of what is behind everything. Our world has many facets and what we see is but a small part of the true reality. Creative contemplation led to understanding of the subtle divine world that is hidden behind the reality we all live in. The divine source manifests itself on all levels of being. Lila-pastime is a revelation which has descended to our reality from the upper worlds."

     Vrindavan Das is devoted to expressing the divine vision of these pastimes through the medium of his exquisite paintings. The works of the artist are represented in the Museum of Vedic Art in Belgium and temples in England and the USA. His paintings can also be found in private collections in the European countries, Russia,America, India and Republic of South Africa.

     Check out more about his work on : http://www.vrindavanart.com/

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