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Gopi Dots Art - 12 Useful Design Patterns

      Gopi dots are traditional designes that usually goes over the brow extending accross the forehead and down to the temples and the top of your cheekbones, but you can also decorate parts of the body as arms and legs. 

It can be used to decorate deities or people's face. 

You can use alternating colored dots, or just one color, It's normally used a special ink made of plants, called Kumkum:

Bellow you can find 12 simple and useful patterns for Gopi dots:

1) The Hump:

Learn to love your Hump, and practice humping for speed and accuracy!

Wind humps around a dot to make daisyhumps or around a circle to make poseyhumps.

Practice humping along the edge of a wavy line with perfectly even humps. Humping on the edge of a figure is a great cover-up for a less-than-perfect borderline.

Example of Hump pattern

2) The Seed

The Seed is a little blob of ink.

You can make different Seeds.

Plant rows of Seeds,  bloom into flowers and curl along vines.

 Seeds often have pulp or shells around them.

Seeds and fine lines make beautiful flowers.

Seed patterns.

Seed patterns.

Seed patterns.

Seeds forming a beautiful flower on Krishna's cheeks.

2) The ZiggyZoggy: 


In India, repeating ZiggyZoggies symbolize the rainy season, water, fertility, and abundance. Learn yourZiggyZoggy!

Combine the ZiggyZoggy with humps and smaller ZiggyZoggies

Example of  white Up and Down ZiggyZoggy alternate with pink and yellow Seeds.

3) The Mummy:

The Mummy, the letter M, is versatile and beautiful! Have fun with your Mummy!

 Practice your mummies straight up, cursive handwriting. Put "The Curse of the Mummy" onto a line to make a graceful half leaf. Practice downward lines, and double Mummifications.

Put Mummies on a wavy line, on bumps or  mummify Swirls

Mummify Flowers

The Third Mummy flower above on Krishna's cheek.

Just colored Mummys

4: The Sprout

The Sprout looks like a sprouting seed or a comma with a long tail. Sprouts are a tasty addition to gopi dots!

Make a Sprout by swirling the painting brush, then continuing the swirl out in a
long comma.

Sprout from curls

Sprouts on Krishna's forehead and creating a flower on His cheeks.

 Sprouts alternate with crystals

5) The ?S?S?

This pattern is variously interpreted as a vine, meander, pothook, or a scorpion.

You can make a repeating series of SSSSSSS, alternate S?S?S?S?S?, or make S?'s facing each other.

Make SSSS's over an arch or around an irregular shape.

Add Scorpion Stings, Combine S's with Humps,  SproutsZiggyZoggies and
Mummies for infinite variations.

Example of alternate S?S?S?S?S?

6) The Cursive S

A curvy is a thing of beauty!

Try making tight flowers, fat flowers, kick-flowers and skinny flowers. Kick up the tail of your S, down a wavy vine!

7)The Ripple:

Make ripples with blossoms floating in the water.

 Ripple with a lot Tribbles (as you see bellow) and  flowers made of 6 Seeds around a dot.

8) Tribbles:

The tribble is a cute little pattern.

Twirl to the left, twirl to the right, twirl to the top and pull the Tribble's tail!

The excited Tribbles are jumping up and down and holding their tails very high! Tribbles can spin about and pretend to be grapevines. Start with one or two, and suddenly they're everywhere!

9) The Kiss:

This pattern is useful for flower petals, honeycomb fills, and other sweet things.

Rotate four, five, six "Kisses" around a single point or even eight "Kisses" around a center.

If you can rotate your "Kiss" perfectly, you can make a pretty flower! Kisses can also make a blossom unfold.

The Kiss Flower above on Krishna's cheeks.

Kisses used to create a lotus flower around Krishna's eyes.

Kisses and dots.

11) The Open Heart:

It’s a heart that doesn't close at the bottom point.

You can double them up, cluster open hearts to make leaves or spin open hearts around in a circle to have lovely flowers. 

Flower petals made of Open Hearts


Flower petals made of Open Hearts ( on Krishna's cheeks)

Flower petals made of Open Hearts ( on Krishna's cheeks)

12) Pug Tails

You see this when the pug thinks he's going to get a treat!

Practice a row of Pug Tails,  Upsy-Downsy Pug Tails and make a row of diminishing Pug Tails. 

You can stack it, sprout it or get leaves and flowers stuck in their tails.

Pug tails make pretty bases for leaves and flowers and paisleys.

 The Pug tail Flower above ( on left) on Krishna's cheek.

Pug tails decorating Krishna's leg.

A row of Pug tails

Pug tails and Seeds.

Pug tails and flowers.

Pug tails and flowers.

Now you can pick your paints and brushes up and get to work!

Your servant

Vaisnava Krpa devi dasi

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