Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspiring Vaisnavis: the sweet devotion of Kulangana devi dasi

"One of our devotee’s war time experiences brought her to the Vaishnava path many years later."


     From Polish origin, Kulangana devi dasi spent her childhood in Warsaw and along with her family, she escaped of being arrested by the Naziz during Word Ward II.

     “We were arrested by the Gestapo and we had to leave our house with our luggage. There were so many of us all walking in a long line. So many children too. There was a train nearby and people were getting on. They said that the train was going to a big prison camp. My father had brought one cow with him, and when the leader of the Gestapo saw that my father was a farmer he told him: “Oh, you are a farmer you are already producting something valuable for the soldiers you can go and so we were not put on the train.

     When she came to Krishna consciousness she said that she had seen the real face of the material world and another type of life. Her service for Krishna still revolves around cows and milk. Nowadays, with 74 years old, she is well known for making the most delicious – and probably the biggest – milk sweets in the Hare Krishna movement. She takes the fresh milk from the manor’s cows and lovingly cooks it for several hours to make sandesh, burfi, rubric and pera of all different kinds.  She heads a team of ladies that decorate them with delicate paintings and messages to Krishna, and offer them every morning to the Deities and she likes nothing better than distribute them to devotees afterwards.

     The work of mother Kulangana is a great example that with love and dedication, we can improve our daily devotional service to Krishna and His devotees.

     Check out these small sculptures in the form of sweets:

Govardhana Puja's Cake

Radhasthami's cakes

These are just some samples of the art and service of this inspiring vaisnavi.  You can check out more of her work by clicking HERE

    ( Text adapted from http://deshika.wordpress.com/ )

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