Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vaisnavi Sanga at your home!

By Bhaktin Maria Helena Murad

     "I always had some difficulty in expressing myself, getting into a different place and immediately make new friends. When I first arrived in ISKCON, I gained the most sublime gift of friends who could give me Krishna. Wise Lord! I was very well received and so I learned the great power of association! Together, exchanging knowledge! I started to better understand Krishna, and allow the love for Him to take care of me.

     Upheld and protected, but still shy, I kept listening and absorbing all the nectar of Krishna passed through sweet words of literature, told in multiple voices of countless devotees.

     But it was on a special occasion that I sensed the opportunity to express myself and release all the doubts that I still had. Vaishnavi Sanga, the perfect opportunity. A program just for ladies! We do bhajans and learn new melodies, we have the chance to learn an instrument and feel at our hands the ecstasy of playing the sound of Maha Mantra.

     We choose a theme, quote verses, worship Krishna and all His expansions (either hearing His words and advices or by know better His pastimes), always illuminated by the wise words of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The exchange of experience and knowledge brings us closer to Krishna, because we're only among devotees, it's almost impossible not to feel the bond of friendship that remains after the meeting. At the end, there is always distribution of prasadam.

     The meetings vary among the homes of devotees, strengthening the relationship and making the meeting more intimate. The first meeting, made it clear that this type of association creates facility of communication on several issues and questions, always aiming elevation in Krishna Consciousness. With the indispensable help of the most nectarean and experienced devotees, open to share their personal experiences and realizations.

     I think this initiative should be taken in every part of Brazil. "

     ( And why not in every part of the world?)

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